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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  February 14, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PST

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he empowered the young generation of students that are out there right now. >> after a trip to stanford, the president is getting ready to take off in san francisco, why there are big names in the area speaking at the cybersecurity summit. happy valentine's day we're here at the flower mart to look at what people are spending on a valentine's day gift. and good morning, everyone. , heating up across the bay area this week, i'm not talking about the weather, i'm talking
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about valentine's day, landing on a saturday. i'm talking about the weather. that's a beautiful shot this morning. if you're looking at the sunrise looking out from highway 4. >> we've seen a lot of folks posting beach pictures but with these warmer temperatures does come some danger. people are being warmed about sneaker waves and rip currents. it's important to know if you're headed out to the coast on this saturday morning. welcome to mornings on 2 i'm claudine wong. >> and i'm mike me back. let's turn it over to rosemary. an advisory has been cancelled. it's still dangerous but not like it was yesterday. sure. you don't want to turn your back to the water. it will be a great beach day. we have temperatures in the low 70s. for the beaches widespread upper 60s to low 70s in the forecast today. if you have valentine's day plans, it's going to be very sunny and warm. we're giving you a live look there across the bay as the sun makes it way up.
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plenty of sunshine in store for the bay area weekend. a different perspective here, a few high clouds, a little fog off the coastline and that's relevantly about it. temperatures at this hour, off to a cool start, napa 45 for you, santa rosa you're checking in at 43, and you have upper 50s to low 50s, you're checking in at 50 degrees, and we'll look at a few more numbers here, 47 lafayette, 45 san ramon and antioch you're starting off at 51 degrees. lots of sunshine, temperatures well above the seasonal average. pacifica and half moon bay, it's higher, 74 for oakland, and 71 in oakland, 73 in concord, and 75 degrees in livermore and warmer and 77 for
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morgan hill. as we get to the second half of the weekend and president's day temperatures will trail off eventually. it won't be a huge drop i'll show you that line in the extended forecast checking the possibility of rain coming up. thanks, rosemary. president obama opened up at the fairmont hotel in san francisco. he's going to head to sfo in a couple of hours and will fly to palm springs. i want to show you a live pictures from sfo this morning. security is extremely tight because the president will be leaving. we've been told that his departure time has actually been moved up. crews are telling us that earlier in our ktvu crew which just arrived there and also confirmed that air force 1 was extended to -- expected to leave at 10:10 this morning and he's going to my out 90 minutes from now. he mixed fundraising with business and fine dining. he grabbed a bite in presidio
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heights. residents were surprised because they weren't able to drive out of their homes, because their homes were blocked off. >> oh, no this is security. >> my husband said i will guess we have to take uber. >> i was shocked. i like this, that he came to a random, this isn't the hottest part of the city. this is great. they went to a russian hill hosted by venture cap tail list sandy robinson and his wife gene. they spent $4,000 for a dinner and they were hoping to catch a glimpse. >> i saw they looking at them wave. i wanted to see the inauguration. i mean it was a big deal. >> this was his 20th visit to the bay area since he became
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commander-in-chief. the white house summit and he signed an executive order that businesses and security share information to prevent breaches. american express visa and mastercard, the top priority is consumer protection. >> it's one of the great paradoxes of our time, that the very technologies that empower us to do great good can be used to underminus and inflict great harm. president obama says the decision to hold the summit at stanford wasn't an easy one. silicon valley was where the digital age began. he mentioned goggle and apple. analysts said top executives skipped the summit as they're
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leary about sharing information with the government following the fna spying case. there was restricted air space, two f-15 fighter pilot jets were scrambled when they did not have control. the plane was escorted to a half moon bay airport. sheriff's deputies talked to the pilot before letting him go. one person was arrested in a violent demonstration, this protest started in the plaza and went up broadway. one person was arrested after using a metal baseball bat and smashing windows at the old man's warehouse store and another person smashed an atm a few blocks away. now the message was far different at the plaza hours earlier. a group of activists had a
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flash mob and rally against violence against girls. it was part of the 1 million ranking movement that started on 2012. a similar rally was held last night in san francisco. with president obama in the bay area, california lawmakers are asking him to end the labor dispute at west coast ports. they're waiting for shipments to arrive. we'll have to wait until tuesday before the port of oakland reopens. 29 west coast ports are open this weekend. it's due to the labor dispute. businesses like tim buck too are facing decisions because they're not receiving the supplies they need to make their bags. >> the supplies were supposed to come three or four weeks ago, it's impacting our channels up and down. >> it's elected to fly in the materials which is sending
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prices soaring, operational costs soaring, it's eating into their profit. the office will be open to preside over weekends. but, an exception is going to be made for valentine's day. valentine's day is a busy day for nuptials. it's going to be open approximately 89 to 1 p.m. we encourage you appointments, but we're accepting walk ins. if they haven't made an appointment, feel free to come down. >> if you're not ready to come down they'll provide other services. it's valentine's day and it is a day to spoil your loved ones and show them how much they are appreciated, some popular gift, of course, chocolates balloons and jewelry, of all the valentine's day gifts there's that one go to. >> reporter: we're talking
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about flowers mike, particularly roses and red roses, these are a valentine's day staple. this is where a lot of flourists from across the bay area will come to pick up the dismiss to fulfill their orders. red roses are popular. they've got a lot of white roses, not as many red ones, they're selling out of them quickly. we've had a chance to check with several flowerrists this morning. their customers seem to be spending more on flowers this year compared to last. one flourist estimated 15% more, $100 per order. one told us about her most extravagant order. >> there was a big price for $1,000. >> how many roses is that? >> i think it's 400. >> and you give them all to one person? >> yes, one basket. >> so, that's a lot of flowers.
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that's a big ticket order. don't feel bad, ladies and gentlemen, if you're not spending $1,000 on flowers for your loved ones. most people don't expect that one. there's a particular variety of red roast, they're called freedom roses and they have a thicker stem and they tend to open up. a i will the of flowers you may get at the drugstore or something the buds may not open up all the way. the average price it appears for a dozen red roses is about $75. it is more pension sieve than it's been in the past. one florist told me it's still less expensive than the money you would spend on dinner and a movie out. you have to keep it in perspective. >> $1,000 that makes me feel bad. >> that's unrealistic i think. a few, a dozen is nice, it's the gesture, it's the thought. >> that's my thinking.
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>> do you see any alternatives. obviously, red roses are the favorite. maybe they're offering special deals if you want to get creative with your flowers. >> reporter: well, you have to go to the individual flourist to find out what the special deals are at the flour mart. they've got the supplies that they buy, they say lilies are popular and then i think a lot of people find that potted plants are popular. they have a whole stand out of or kids and stuff. these are flowers that will last more than a couple of weeks. the person you give them to can hang on to them for a while if they have a green thumb, let's say. >> thanks ali, so much. valentine's day can be a lot of pressure, so if you're looking for a good way to release some emotion, head on to the annual valentine's day pillow fight. it starts at 6:00 tonight at justin hill plaza, you have to bring a pillow and garbage bag to clean up afterwards much
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it's a good idea to wear a bandana or helmet to protect yourself from flying feathers. it's quite the party down this. it should be crowded tonight being the warm weather and valentine's day falling on a saturday. >> absolutely. 7:12, new protections for patients after a major security breach coming up at 7:30, we'll tell you about the new service being launched by and anthem blue cross and blue shield after 80 million people had their information stolen. >> it feels like the 49 hierarchy left me. >> speaking out why jim harbaugh says his decision to leave was not a mutual decision after all. [ music ] >> and we want you to send a special message to your valentine, using the hashtag
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2myvalentine. we'll leave you with a couple of the messages sent in by our viewers. our vision for partnering with more farmers, growers manufacturers is that eventually organic and natural will be the norm. for raley's that means a lot more organic and natural options on the shelf. and for our consumers, that means having a lot more affordable and readily available, healthy products to feed their families. sustainability is about making a
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difference in our community. it's about being happy, healthy and well for many years to come. to learn more, visit raley's family of stores on youtube.
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. welcome back. happy valentine's day to you. we have a fabulous forecast in store, mostly sunny skies, temperatures will range in the upper 60s to low 70s for your afternoon. >> well, investigators are still trying to figure out what happened just before a santa clara transportation authority light rail train hit a man last night. it happened near a station in san jose. the train was traveling 35 miles per hour when it hit a
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pedestrian killing him instantly. he was described as between 25 and 30 years old. it did not have any passengers on board. they're going to examine whether the flashing lights and the bridge was working at the time. >> we'll be able to see these things in the investigation. >> as is standard protocol, the drug operator will be drug tested and interviewed. the last one hit was near del mar high school. she was distracted and failed to see the train at the gated crossing. they're investigating a officer-involved shooting that happened near 88th avenue on e street. the man was walking around with a knife and acting eratally. the man has been identified as 28-year-old corey pollard. >> he lived for his children.
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for him to act in this manner, i think they didn't follow protocol and this could be under an investigation. >> a woman who says that she's related to him, he suffers from bipolar disorder and the mother says he's in stable condition. a vigil was held in freemont for the victims killed in north carolina, and there's safety concerns for muslims everywhere. several bay area muslim civil rights groups want the department of justice to conduct an investigation into that triple killing. we're going to talk about the weather this morning because it's beautiful. >> it's gorgeous. >> it's a big weekend for skiing but a beach weekend for people. >> frolicking in the water, wine tasting and maybe a height. >> hashtag california problems, you have to deal with it back east. people are still digging out of
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snow and more to come for them this weekend. >> we'd love to see the rain and snow, but wow, it's hard to gripe about mostly sunny and 70 degrees. we're giving you a look here outside of our doors where plenty of sunshine already this morning, temperatures are slightly warmer than where we started yesterday morning and for the second half we've got some mild to warm temperatures coming our way. the warm weekend lasting all the way through will be a lot like today. on monday temperatures drop off a little bit and we'll be cooler next week. unfortunately the dry pattern continues for the next week, maybe even the next two weeks. we'll be tracking that for you, and with that in mind showing you here that we are 99% of normal in santa rosa, san francisco above 100% and san jose 130%. not too bad, of course, the snow is what we worry about, the snow pack, it's really low, 25 to 30% in the sierra. we've got temperatures in the
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40s this morning, 45 in walnut creek, 43 in napa, 46 in novato, a bit of a cool spot, i expect to see a rapid rebound, mid-50s around sfo and san francisco, if you're getting outdoors, maybe for some morning breakfast, bring along what jacket just in case. we have 44 outside your door in wood side and palo alto you're seeing 44 this morning. as we get into the southern half of the bay area, we've got 48 for sunnyvale and 48 in morgan hill and los gatos checking in at 61 degrees. temperatures for the afternoon today, a lot of 70s out there, 75 for san hell lean a -- helena, it will be 74 in oakland, mid 70 in livermore. shifting to the south bay where we have nice weather coming your way, 77 in morgan hill.
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79 santa cruz and mid-70s for cupertino, and 70 degrees in daly city and 69 for pacifica. all of this are getting in on this nice weather. the bay area weekend always in view, it doesn't change a lot in the second half of the week. hopefully you will you have monday off as well. dry conditions, monday tuesday and wednesday and as i mentioned a moment ago, unfortunately we're looking dry way out. >> way out. >> maybe two weeks? >> oh, no. we were supposed to be making up for january. >> we were hoping. >> we'll be watching it. >> thanks, rosemary. >> thanks, rosemary. a former 49ers head coach jim harbaugh said he never wanted to leave. he told reporters it was a mutual decision, however jim harbaugh opened up about his departure in a podcast with a
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news columnists. >> they put it in a position that they had a coach they didn't want any more. that's the truth of it. i didn't leave the 49ers, i felt like the 49er hierarchy left me. >> he says after the 49ers lost to seattle late in the season and their playoff chances ended management told him he would not be coming back. he intimated that jim was half his job. and he's now, the coach at his alma mater, the university of michigan. clay thompson is going head to head tonight. they're completing in new york as part of the nba all star weekend three point challenge. comedian actor kevin heart won most valuable player last night. and other stars, the pros will
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take center stage during the competition and all eyes will be on thompson and curry. we're officially away from the nhl hockey game here in the bay area. i want to show you a photo released this week, showing what the stadium will look like when the fans take their seats at the stadium. the process of diverting the stadium to an outdoor hockey rink started. the water will be getting sprayed to form that ice. >> it should be fun to watch. they'll drop that puck at 7 chock. giving tesla a run for its money how apple could take a crack at the car industry. it's a fictional story and fictional movie. i don't take it to heart. >> this is a movie at the box
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. >> it's behind this door. >> what is? >> it's the most popular movie at the box office "50 shades of grey" sold 150 million copies and now the book is on the big screen. >> it's a box office hit and it's drawing criticism. >> reporter: these women are part of a san ramon bookclub to rent out an entire theatre to see "50 shades of grey." >> it's entertainment. >> it's a fictional book and story, and so i don't really take it to heart that she's being abused. i know that's how some people feel. >> it's a fantasy, fun to look
7:26 am
at it through someone else's eyes. >> it's elicited lots of controversy and many had different interpretations. >> the male character had more of a sympathetic character than i thought he would. towards the end it's someone who has issues and is self aware to know he has issues. >> i have a fascination with this techniques that he uses, just the way he can be a dominant and assertive type of gentleman, but not too dominant where he's disrespected towards women. >> the sex writer for the magazine likes how "50 shades of grey" has inspired conversation about sexuality, but it doesn't empower women. >> it's about consent and equal relationships and mutual
7:27 am
satisfaction and "50 shades of grey" is not to my read something not about that at all. it's about her relenting to his desires. >> all right. thanks for that report. i haven't read the book so -- i'm probably not going to see that will film. >> all right. 7:27. moving on the president is getting ready to take off from san francisco, we're going to take a look at both the business and what he did for fun when he was in the bay area. >> enjoyable weather in the forecast in the bay area weekend. a cool start for some, we'll check on your current condition and the lineup for this afternoon and the highs coming up.
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[ birds chirping ] [ inhales, exhales ] [ announcer ] cigarettes are not just dangerous when they're smoked. [ rat squeaking ] they're dangerous long after. cigarette butts are toxic. they release chemicals that poison our water... and harm wildlife. and millions... are polluting our environment. [ sniffing ] [ seagulls squawking ]
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. there's only one way to defend america if the cyber threats and that is through government and industry working together -- >> cyber threats are a big topic of discussion during the president's bay area visit, a big surprise in bay area san francisco after the summit is over. welcome back to mornings on 2, i'm mike me back. >> good morning, i'm claudine wong. maybe people will have picnics in the park or going to the beach for valentine's day, it's a beautiful day out there. >> maybe you're taking your sweetheart out to breakfast, it's a little cool out there,
7:31 am
grab a jacket. we want to step outside and show you what a glorious start to the morning it is. a few high clouds overhead and that's about it. it's low 70s once again for the afternoon with a little change in the forecast for tomorrow. if we take a look at the satellite view here picking up on just a little bit of fog out along the coast, i'll show you that right about in here. but, i don't expect it to cause this trouble, we'll at any with the north winds and those winds will help pull that fog out of wait and we'll be left with mostly sunny skies for the afternoon and the bay and inland. >> 44 degrees in fairfield, that's a cool start for you, 43 in napa, 43 in santa rosa, around the bay upper 50s to low 60s, 4 right now outside your door from mountain view, 48 degrees for half moon bay. let's look at north bay, 43
7:32 am
petaluma, bass toll you're waking up to 43 as well. the afternoon highs, upper 60 to low 70s from pacifica and half moon bay. san francisco, along the shoreline low to mid-70s, freemont you're looking at 75 for the afternoon. 73 in concord and take a peek at the south bay. it's 77 this morning for morgan hill. a little change in the forecast for the second half of your weekend. we will eventually cool down. i'll show you that in the extended forecast coming up. we have some breaking news for you in the south bay this morning. if you at that i can a lock on your screen, you can see smoke rising there in the background, this is from our roof camera which is on top of our san jose bureau so that smoke is coming from what we're told is an auto shop. it is located on commercial and it's growing, that fire is growing, it's 3 alarms, we'll continue to get that story and more information and give it to you when it becomes available.
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president obama's bay area visit is wrapping up this morning. it included the summit cyber threat security protection meeting. he's asking for the open sharing between private american companies and the u.s. government. we want to show you a live look at air force one out there out at san francisco interairport. he'll fly from sfo to palm springs today. it's scheduled to depart in an hour from now. the president surprised folks in san francisco with an off the schedule dinner at spruce located on sacramento street in presidio heights while secret service agents stood guard and a few people took photographs outside of the restaurant. it was california inspired
7:34 am
cuisine. he dined with unspecified senior staff and friends and they sat in the dining area away from the restaurant customers, but there's a wine list that includes 2500 selections and it includes duck breasts and hazelnuts. it works with farmers with organic locally grown vegetables. a safety precaution, they ordered the shut down from yesterday to noontime today because of the president's arrival. president obama delivered his weekly address from stanford. he laid out his plan to assure more children graduate from school prepared for college and a career. >> this year i want to work with both parties in congress that has no child left behind
7:35 am
with overuse of standardized tests and preschool and gives every kid a fair shot in the economy. >> he's talking about lifting the lower and middle classes. he's talking about improving the education of children, with the unemployment rate at an all time high, he cannot allow the republican plan making cuts in school districts while sending money to wealthier one. tomorrow is the deadline for signing up for the affordable care act health care. california set a goal of half a million new applicants, but only 350,000 have selected a plan so far. four san francisco police officers will not face charges for the fatal shooting of a man last year. they ruled the officer's mistook a taser for a gun when
7:36 am
they opened fire. today they turned their backs on the justice system. >> this system is broken. a report released today by the san francisco district attorney say the police hacked in self-defense of the fatal shooting of the security guard last month on vernal hill. >> i'm not sure it wasn't a preventable shooting. >> it began around dusk when a weapon was pointed at him after a dog tried to get the food. the dog owner a registered gun owner i was certain at that point it was a pistol. when he turned it into profile and aimed it at my dog, that's when i could tell it was a taser. >> there's a history of his problems with mental health and there's a history of his using a taser on other people. >> he handled what appeared to be and gun. he told police to tell him to
7:37 am
show his hands. >> he squared off with them in a defensive stnce and he drew the weapon at the officers and they saw a light and thought it might be a laser site. >> this is too incredible to accept. >> friends of the family say police should have been able to recognize a taser. >> everybody else opened fire, and he killed him. >> they killed him. that's murder. >> the district attorney says the dog owner was able to recognize the taser because he was standing close to the guy. the officers were 30 yards away when they began firing weapons. they asked the u.s. attorney's office to review the findings of his report. well, anthem blue cross and blue shield are offering free identity protection services after the massive data breach. personal information may have
7:38 am
been stolen but there is no evidence that they stole medical evidence or credit card numbers. it may have started as early as back as december. it's valentine's day and you can show someone special how much you care. >> allison is at the flower mart. we have her, no we don't have her. >> we'll get her, maybe she's getting some flowers. >> i would like chocolate, i don't think i need the flowers. flowers are a hot topic and we'll get to her in just a bit. >> if you're looking and you don't want to get flowers. if you're looking for a last- minute or let this call spontaneous, the last minute, we want to tell you about this app for valentine's day, it will help you if you look for a romantic night at a local hotel. >> some of the hotels you won't
7:39 am
find anywhere else, what you can guarantee is the hotels you find on the hotel tonight are the absolute best hotels tonight. >> the ceo of the hotel tonight gave as you look at one of the rooms offered on their site. this is the picture of the penthouse at the sir francis drake. the last minute booker may have snapped it up. there are other rooms available. >> yes, that hotel app, they call it the world's most last booking sort. you can get great hotels. >> at the last minute, hotels know what their demand is likely to be and what are going to remain empty. they're able to get much more aggressive if they can find the right customers. >> they're offering special deals, you talk about that red heart, there it is, that's part of the love more packages and and on valentine's day, i put
7:40 am
this and see if anything is left on valentine's day morning, there are three or four hotels in that little range. >> it shows you hotels where you are. >> it shows hotels locally and special deals and not a bad thing to tell your significant other. >> hey, i booked this months ago, months ago. >> thinking of valentine's day day. >> spontaneous booking. >> interesting, i wonder who will be using that. >> tonight, feathers will be flying in san francisco, it's coming up at 8:00, it will have people fighting in the name of love. >> and some street signs, there they are, they're turning heads in one bay city, they're grabbing the attention of both drivers and pedestrians. we want to send a special message to your valentine and
7:41 am
using the hashtag 2myvalentine. we want to leave with you a couple of the messages sent to us by our viewers as we go to break.
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7:43 am
you are the sunshine of my life. >> that's appropriate on this valentine's day day. good morning we're giving you a live look at all the sunshine up over the bay area for your afternoon temperatures reaching into the 70s. we'll have a look at those numbers for you coming up. well, we've been talking about, it's valentine's day where you can show that special someone how much you care.
7:44 am
>> we finally have her. ali is there at the flower mart in san francisco. i guess you can't go wrong with a day like this. >> you would want to consider what type of flower you're getting and the occasion. roses are fine, carnations not so much. this is the flower mart which is a flower wholesaler where they are coming to pick up supplies for valentine's day and mother's day. it's -- those are the two most popular days for florists. they plan to load up on these carts, lots of wholesale flowers and supplies they're buying here. if you turn around here, you can see in those bins right there, that's the most popular item that people are going for, the red roses for valentine's day. the cost is a little steep,
7:45 am
it's about $75 for a dozen red roses that you'll found here. we had a chance to talk to several florists this morning coming in. we asked about the most extravagant orders. we talked to one person in berkeley. she didn't have a stand out order but she got a request for a very romantic card for one of those flower arrangements. >> i had a really romantic card the other day. he said if you live to 100, i want to live to be 100 minus one day so i can spend my whole life with you. i never read a card like that. we recommend our cards get a variety of red roses, the stems for freedom roses are thicker. they really open up. the buds don't stay closed up. there's all kinds of varieties
7:46 am
of roses here, different colors and types of clouds and showers had flowers. another popular nonrows items are gerber daisies. >> i love those daisies. >> i know the florists go in there is the public allowed to go in there if they want to sort through the selections there. >> the public is allowed. at this hour unless people are getting an early start on those valentine's day bouquets, it's florists and flour shops coming in, you have to -- flower shops to come in. you can have your pick of the arrangements out here. >> it looks like a beautiful selection. thanks, appreciate it. street signs in hayward are turning heads not only in the bay area, but around the world. we introduce you some of those signs. some of them read 35, it's the speed limit, not a suggestion, another heads up cross the
7:47 am
street. then update facebook. several national news organizations and international media as far as australia have contacted the city about the signs and if they work they'll be posted around hayward. should adults be required to wear a helmet when rideing a bike. lawmakers are proposing a bill to wear a helmet or pay a $25. and they need to wear reflective clothing at night. the proposal is getting mixed reaction from bike riders. >> the helmet gives you a false sense of security. it's not going to help you if you're hit by a car. >> everyone can have a helmet, less issues. >> senator carol liu of glendale is the bill's author. >> i think this is necessary to protect people who choose to
7:48 am
right a bike. >> statistics from the u.s. government of transportation shows that out of 741 bicycle related deaths, 63% of cyclists were not wearing helmets and 17% were, and helmet use in 20% of crashes were unknown. it's set to go down 7 cents a gallon for the price of gas. it's representing a tax cut because of falling tax prices. they want to lower the excise rate to 10.5 cents. the change would take effect on july 1st. apple is working on a electric car to challenge tesla. it's code named tight and. the cupertino company has assigned several hundred companies to that vehicle. apple executives have gone to
7:49 am
austria to meet with manufacturers of high end cars. the federal government, had a meeting at stanford. there was a summit, he said apple pay will be able to disopportunity benefits and have apple pay. they're calling for more secure payment technology willings. a cool -- technologies. a cool start to the day and possibly a record and i know we had a record temperature on the south bay. it will get close. it doesn't look like we will break any, but you never know. we could see the 70s and 80s reappear. you'll feel a cool pattern and as we get into the second half of the morning it will all go away and we'll have mostly sunny skies and mild temperatures. we're giving you a live look
7:50 am
here: glistening water, the sun is up and abundant sunshine across the bay from the coast and inland, they have a little bit of fog and it's not going to last. we'll be mostly sunny. a ridge of high pressure locked in over the western states for your bay area weekend and temperatures will feel more like may, june, instead of february. if you're associated with that ridge of high pressure, it's driving up the temperatures, mid- to upper 70s in the forecast today. a few high clouds spilling over that ridge and that will be about it. we'll have mostly sunny skies. if you're going to the sierra, dry and mild, take a look. in the 30s this morning, but by lunch time, 60s degrees, mostly sunny skies, low 60s. you'll need the sun block, plenty in store for the weekend. if you have president's day, monday off, temperatures will be able to cool off. low 60s in the afternoon by monday. if you look at the current
7:51 am
conditions, 43 conditions in santa rosa. you're checking in at 55, livermore 76, san jose 48. 3 degrees in vacaville. 47 expected in novato. we have 72 in sausalito, and to the east bay we go. low to mid-70s in the forecast. 74 in oakland, 73 for castro valley and more of the same in livermore and brentwood you're expected to go to 71. for the santa clara this afternoon, we had a record and take a look at the temperatures for food 77 in morgan hill, and gilroy a beautiful day, and at the boardwalk in santa cruz, 79 and mostly sunny skies. 72 in san mateo and 72 in san
7:52 am
francisco. pacifica and it's stretching into half moon bay, 72. if you like today you'ring it to like tomorrow. because little change in the forecast. we'll see temperatures trend downward, but it's a subtle cool down. monday tuesday and wednesday getting into the mid-60s by midweek wednesday. unfortunately we keep talking about it from day-to-day. the pattern looks dry, it looks dry for the next week or two. things could change but it doesn't look good. >> for the rest of the month. >> oh, thanks, rosemary. the national park service will waive the fees for this holiday. the park service will offer other free days in april, august and september and november of four of the five national parks, 133 charge a entrance fee. speaking out for the first time since leaving the san
7:53 am
francisco 49ers. why jim harbaugh said his decision to leave wasn't a mutual decision after all. it will be the perfect weather this weekend for some golf at pebble beach. any time you play golf at pebble beach it's perfect. sparks were flying on the course, we'll talk about the surprise by one of the pros. that's coming up.
7:54 am
you can find a new frontier. there's nothing stopping you and a lot helping you. technology that's with you always. this is our promise. it's never been better to wander because wherever you go, you'll find us doing everything we can, so you can.
7:55 am
. wow,take a look at those pictures, this is from the east coast where they're bracing for yet another major snowstorm, the national weather service has issued the latest blizzard warning for eastern massachusetts coastal new hampshire and maine. many people in those areas are still digging out from three major storms that left 6 feet or more of snow in the last couple of weeks. now, back here at home, president's day weekend is a popular weekend for people to
7:56 am
hit the slopes. they're worried that the car is not going to show up. there's snow on the mountain, but they've noticed in berkeley people have come in to buy skis and snow boards so they slashed prices on the winter gear. >> we haven't really had a winner, we saw a big drop off in january and when there's no sort of weather, people, yeah, i think people don't think about going skiing. >> tahoe ski resorts are encouraging people it take advantage of the slopes while there's time. >> the aid commission has suspended cal grant payments for students who attend colleges. it failed to hand over financial records. the student aid commission will be allowed to apply for cal grant money at other approved institutions. it will affect people in bay area campus at concord,
7:57 am
malpeties and san francisco. one person will swim one more time. franklin will turn pro after the championships in march. this morning she'll lead and franklin won five medals and four golds in the 2012 olympics. love on the links. mark proposed to his long time girlfriend after the opening round. meagan said yes, however while he hit a hole in one romantic, he's at two under par tied for 95th place. he's ten shots behind the leaders. for the second weekend in a row, we have the west coast parts, that's hard to say. they're shut down. coming up in the 8:00 hour. what it's having on all bay
7:58 am
area businesses. >> it's one of the most popular days to get married. the offices opening up and helping couples say i do. >> a bright sunny start to your valentine's day, i'll have a look at the current conditions and what you can expect for the afternoon coming up. a remarkable thing has happened. over a million californians have gotten something that's been out of reach for far too long.
7:59 am
health insurance. how? they enrolled through covered california. it's the health insurance marketplace where you'll find a range of plans from leading health insurance companies that offer you the best combination of quality, rates and benefits. you can compare plans side by side choose the one that best fits your needs and enroll online. is also the place to find certified experts in your area who can answer your questions for free, and help you enroll. and, through covered california, you may get financial help to pay for coverage. it's based on income, and 4 out of 5 people who have enrolled qualified. if you don't have a health plan, or you do, but you want to make sure it's the best plan for you, now's the time to visit but to get covered you've got to get going. open enrollment ends february 15th. visit today.
8:00 am
. there's a look at air force won this morning. we're getting words that the airport is shutting down and the president is getting ready to take off from sfo. we'll have more on the trip and the big names that chose not to join in. a look at what types of roses people are buying and flowers people are buying and what it will cost you or your sweetheart. good morning to you, welcome to mornings on it 2 it's saturday february 14th. i'm claudine wong. >> good morning to you and happy valentine's day to all of you i'm mike me back. the lovely rosemary is upstairs
8:01 am
soaking it all in. happy valentine's day to you rosemary. >> happy valentine's day to my sweet hearts. we have plenty of sunshine out here. if you're stepping out this morning bring the shades. it's a bit glaring at least in my eyes. if i point you to the north and to the west, you can see a quiet pattern in place this morning. oakland all right already in the upper 40s to low 50s. it's nice. a lot of folks will be spending time in the city today. and we have a forecast in san francisco and around the beaches. everyone getting in on the warm weather. let's look at the numbers right now. it's upper 40s in napa. concord you're checking it out. livermore, 51, 51 sfo and 50 degrees with mostly sunny skies outside of half moon bay. if you are stepping out it's off to a beautiful start.
8:02 am
for the afternoon we have temperatures in the upper 60s to upper 70s. mid-70s in livermore, upper 70s for morgan hill. we won't shake this pattern, we'll continue with warm weather through the holiday weekend. we'll have a look at the extended forecast coming up. at this hour president obama is wrapping up his visit to the bay area, you can look at this. we're awaiting the president's arrival. he's expected to depart the bay area in 30 minutes. they closed up california or mason streets, they're going to have rolling closures around the motorcade. he's going to get to sfo before he takes off. 8:35ish this morning is what we're told. stay tuned to 2 news, he's headed to palm springs for the
8:03 am
rest of the valentine's day weekend. it's unclear whether he'll celebrate it with the first lady or if they'll have to spend valentine's apart. president obama mixed business with fun raising and fine dining to the bay area. he dropped into the spruce restaurant which is over in presidio heights. >> residents were caught by surprise as they were unable to drive out of their homes because police had blocked off the area. >> they said oh, no, this is security we can't let you out. >> you couldn't get out of your own garage. >> no. >> what it they say? >> i guess we have to take uber. >> great i live this the neighborhood, i was shocked. this is random. this isn't one of the hottest parts of the city so that's great. >> the motorcade rolled up to a
8:04 am
dinner. >> they pay $62,000 or $4200 per couple and a photo with the president. >> there were folks standing along the city streets, many of them were hoping to just catch a glimpse. >> i actually saw his face, that's all i wanted. i always wanted to did to the inauguration. it was a big deal. >> well, this is the president's 20th visit to the bay area since he became commander-in-chief. >> this trip is in response to the high profile security breaches at big name companies such as target, anthem health insurance and he signed an executive order encouraging government and american businesses to share information and to stop hackers and protect consumer information. >> it's one of the great paradoxes of our time. the very technologies that empower us to do great good can also be used to underminus and
8:05 am
inflict great harm. >> president obama was at the stanford and had the summit at stanford because it's the heart of technology. tim cook was one of the big names at the event. top executives from google yahoo and facebook and mark zuckerberg were invited but skipped the summit. they're they're skiddish about following with the government because of the nsa spying case. the 15 fighter jets had to be scrambled when the pilot did not respond to air traffic control. they established radio contact with the pilot and escorted him to half bay moon airport and they talked to that airport before letting him go. violence erupted with
8:06 am
police in downtown oakland. 75 people took part in the demonstration at the plaza. one person was arrested after using a metal baseball bat and smashing windows at the old men's warehouse store and another smashed an atm with a hammer a few blocks away. the message was far different at this plaza, two hours earlier a group of activist held a rally and flash mob to end violence against women and girls. the event was part of the global 1 billion rising movement. it started on valentine's day back in 2012. a similar rally was held last night in san francisco. president obama in california this weekend, they're asking him to intervene in the port labor dispute. they're waiting for shipments to arrive and they'll have to wait until the port of oakland reopened. west coast sports are stopped
8:07 am
this weekend. businesses such as the san francisco messenger bag company say they're facing large additional prices because they're not receiving the supplies they need to make their bags. >> the parts were supposed to come thee to four weeks ago. it's impacting our channels up and down. tim buck too has flown in their pasts, it has sent their prices soaring and it's eating into their profits which they don't plan to pass on the cost of it to their customers. this is usually closed this weekend, but an exception is being made for valentine's day. it's a busy day for nuptials and the clerk's office will be open from 9:00 this morning to 1 in the afternoon. >> we encourage appointments, but we're accepting walk ins, people can come in if they haven't made an appointment, feel free to come down.
8:08 am
>> staff will be available to provide other services. valentine's day can be a beautiful time and a stressful holiday to find that perfect gift for someone special in your life. >> what do you like, candy, flowers, anything? >> you have choices, allison is live in san francisco, and there's one gift you can rely on. i love flowers. >> i love flowers, it's the staple. the red roses are an item. they say it's still their number 1 item on valentine's day. red roses, it's been open since 6:00. this is the flower wholesaler where they come to pick up flowers for the entire day and weekend. there are not a lot of red roses left. there's a lot of white, yellow
8:09 am
and orange, and the red roses just maybe four dozen left here. they have two left here, two are here, and these are roses at the flower mart. tulips have not been a big seller. we have had a chance to talk to several norrist us this morning. their customers seem to be spending more money compared to last. one florist estimated 15% more, about $100 per order. one told us about her most extravagant order. >> one bought a bouquet for $1,000. >> how many roses is that? >> i think it's 400. >> and you give them all to one person? >> yes, one basket. >> so, $1,000 flower order that's above average. some of the florists we talked
8:10 am
to this morning, she recommends a variety of rose, it's a freedom stem that lasts longer -- it's a freedom rows that has a thicker stem. these are a reddish orange color. the pink and lavender roses have been popular. this is the last box that they have at this flower vendor. the white roses are not that popular. you can take some of those with you. i can't sell them this morning. everyone wants the red roses. if you're looking for items that aren't roses, other popular flowers according to the florists here, lilies are popular. there's an orchid vendor here too. potted plants and live plants are a popular gift this valentine's day day. >> i don't know if i need to get roses, i have the one rows that i need and she's at home
8:11 am
taking care of my children this morning. >> you have that platform to deliver that message. other people don't have that luxury. >> i doubt she's watching. >> if you want to give your children a smashing surprise. you can have a pillow fight. this is at the plaza, you can bring a pillow and you have to bring a garbage bag to help clean up the trash and feathers that are left behind. organizers say it's a good idea to wear a ban diana or -- bandana or masks to protect yourself from flying feather. from 1:30 to 5:00 a wine tasting competition is being held at fort mason. there are thousands of different labels and it's the
8:12 am
largest competition in the world. it's after spin the bottle night life at san francisco that begins at 6:00 tonight. it will include cocktails and a little dancing. it's expected to make $60 million over this three-day weekend. the reaction from people who watched "50 shades of grey." if you have a message, share it, to my valentine, and right here, we have declarations of love. you can see it right here on mornings on 2. [ music ]
8:13 am
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8:15 am
. good morning to you, thanks for joining us on this saturday. do you see love in the air. we have beautiful weather in store for your valentine's day. i'm tracking those numbers and i'll have them for you coming up. investigators are looking into a deadly crash last night involving a light rail train in the south bay. they're not sure if it was a terrible accident or a suicide. this happened near the blossom hill station in san jose. we're told that the train was traveling about 30 miles per hour when he hit a pedestrian and killed him instantly. he is described as 25 to 30 years old. the train was in service but in passengers were on board. they're going to examine whether the crossing arms and
8:16 am
the flashing lights and warning sounds were operating at the time. >> there's video that we take on the trains in the area that will be able to see in the investigation. >> as has been the protocol, the operator will be drug tested and interviewed. the killing of three muslim college students in north carolina is raising safety concerns for the muslim community. there was a vigil held in fremont for the victims. they wanted to raise awareness about the muslim community and they wanted to honor the memory of of the three students killed. they're questioning whether or not the killing was a hate crime. >> it could happen to me because you never know, you never know who you can encounter. you really start to take your position in this country. >> it's hard not for this community not to be on edge when there's such vitriolic antimuslim sentiment. >> several civil rights groups want the department of justice to do a full investigation into
8:17 am
the triple killing. jim harbaugh said he would be the coach of the 49ers if it was up to him. his departure was a mutual decision, it was said, but in an interview a podcast interview, he says that's not true. >> they were going to put a 49ers in a position to have a coach they didn't want anymore. that's the truth of it. i didn't leave the 49ers, i felt like the 49er hierarchy left me. >> after they lost to seattle late in the season and playoff chances end, he told them he would not be coming back. jim was after his job last season. and jim harbaugh is a coach at his alma mater. so, who is the better shooter, we may find out tonight, clay thompson, it's part of the nba
8:18 am
all star weekend three point challenge. kevin heart won most valuable player last night. other celebrities were monet pitcher and anthony anderson and chris and the pros will take stage tonight and all eyes will be on the brothers thompson and curry. >> it was 0-3. i just want to get a win, it will be a better year to do it this year, and with who i'm going against. >> four players will compete in the slam dunk contest including minnesota sac levine, i think he's one of claudine's favorites because he did attend ucla. we're a week away from the nhl's outdoor hockey game. check out this photo that was released from the nhl this week. it shows what the stadium is going to look like when the fans take their seats at the
8:19 am
levi stadium next week. that's the refrigeration truck that arrived on monday. on tuesday the process of converting that stadium into an outdoor hockey rink is under way. they'ring it to support the playing surface and if everything is on schedule they'll start putting water down on that stage to start forming that ice. >> i'm sure had they booked it they wouldn't think that san jose would be in the mid to high 70s in the middle of february. >> the refrigeration is going to be working overtime. we're not helping them at all. >> you're right. we broke a record yesterday, for the month of february, it's unbelievable what we're seeing. if you enjoy this kind of weather, great news, it's going to be with us today tomorrow, president's day. let's step outside and look at all the blue sky. the hills are still green and percentagewise for the season our rainfall is still in good shape surprisingly, i'll show you that here coming up in just
8:20 am
a moment. let's start out with the satellite view. window he had a weak wave move through california in the early- morning hours. it's pushing off to the east and we have a little bit of patchy fog right along the coast line. outside of that a very quiet start to the day and our temperatures today will be well above the seasonal average. we'll be within a few degrees of breaking records. i don't think we'll see many, if any, maybe one or two, we'll see how it shakes out at the end of the day, but a warm weekend in store, we'll have cooler temperatures coming our way for next week, the dry pattern continues and, of course, very worrisome. let's take a look at some of the rainfall for the season. santa rosa 99% of normal. we have santa rosa checking in at above 100% and 130% above average for the season. it's the snow pack that we worry about over the sierra. both the wet and december storms as we move through as we
8:21 am
had recently. fairly warm storms, the snow pack wasn't as beneficially as it was for us in the sierra. a cool start for some of us. our temperatures are beginning to warm. 51 in freemont. palo alto you're at 52. for the afternoon take a look at these numbers. san raphael and petaluma, 50s and in the east bay a beautiful one, 71 in alameda if you're going to be out there. crab cove, 72 for san leandro, and livermore, 75, and it's going to be a warm day in saratoga, 76, 77 morgan hill. and upper 70s in santa cruz. when you're thinking about heading to the beach and heading inland to do wine tasting or thinking about a picnic outdoors, we have great weather going around. if you're going to take part in
8:22 am
the annual pill low fights that sounds like fun, it's all great weather. the extended forecast with your bay area weekend always in view, not much change going on for the second half of the weekend, some folks have president's day off. they'll be just as nice. temperatures come down just slightly, but we're dry all the way through wednesday, futurecast shows us dry for several days. >> not going to use that rain gauge enough. >> i know. >> thanks, rosemary. >> thanks, rosemary. hidden cash, you can play the game, up next, this could earn $100. free chocolates and a possibility of an overnight stay at the fairmont hotel. how catching a ride with lyft could win you that weekend.
8:23 am
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8:25 am
. the breakfast club will be returning to theatres for its 30th anniversary. >> a brain, a beauty, a jock, a rebel and a recluse. >> it's a classic and it will be from march 6th to march 30th. it will be shown across the country. they're back on the big screen. not only has this flick been restored for the showing, it will also include a featureette with cast and commentary after the credits.
8:26 am
they're back with a valentine's twist. someone will win up to $100. the campaign is called 15 days of love. and in order to play you have to follow the hidden cash twitter page and tweet what you would do for a loved one with up to $100. the hidden cash team will send to choices and supply cash for them to buy the gifts themselves. the chocolate company has teamed up with lyft to help make valentine's day sweeter. they'll be passing out free bags of chocolates to passengers from drivers in new york. no one will know which cars have the chocolates. and the biggest prize is a stay at the freemont hotel. if you want to get around
8:27 am
valentine's day consider a horse drawn carriage. you can take a little trip around town in your personal horse and buggy. or there's another valentine's day event happening at uc berkeley's botanical garden this morning. you can participate in a valentine's day themed tea party. if you're searching for a last-minute deal the app that can land you in a high end hotel room. unseasonably weather will continue for the bay area weekend. ual have a look at the afternoon highs coming up. . if you have a special message for your valentine you can share it with the hashtag 2myvalentine. he have len has a couple of words for her loved ones. keep them coming.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
good morning, everyone. in just a few minutes from now, president obama will be leaving the bay area for palm springs, just about 30 seconds ago, this live picture out there captured the president walking on board air force 1, they'll move away those stairs and close the door and he'll taxi out to the runway and take off for palm springs where he's expected to spend the weekend. >> you can see the motorcade and the rest of the staff boarding the plane. he gets on first and everyone loads up. it's a quick departure once everyone is on board.
8:31 am
they had to quickly shut down the streets for a half an hour for everyone to leave. that's where they load the press crew, that comes with and follows the president, you can see they're getting on board. those crews are piling on to the plane right now. you can see some of them carrying the cameras and everything like that. he, obviously, wrapped up this fundraising trip. he went and had a couple of nights bitters. he encouraged the sector to share cybersecurity information with other companies as well as the u.s. government. he did that at stanford's memorial auditorium. that's what brought him to the bay area. he had time to relax. he had dinner at spruce with some folks he was there. we'll monitor air force one and make sure it gets out of here safe and sound. >> it doesn't look like weather
8:32 am
will be a problem for him on this saturday morning. it's absolutely clear out there. sfo sometimes has some delays but it looks gorgeous out this. >> weather fit for a president, if i could move washington, d.c. to the west coast, i'd be all set. most of us are enjoying this weather. it's widespread 70s today, not bad. abundant sunshine from the hills to the bay and to the water where we at any to see temperatures well above the seasonal average. you can see here from the shot, the satellite view, just a few high clouds passing through today, picking up a little fog near port ray, and we'll have sunny skies along the coastline as well. as we roll through the saturday, the clouds are being pushed away by the offshore flow and the northerly winds that will kin, lasting through the weekend and beyond.
8:33 am
we have 49 degrees right now in fairfield, 47 in napa, 50s around the bay, sfo checking in around 58, mid-50s and if you're going to be out and about with your sweetheart, it's a little cool in your neighborhood, and 48 degrees for lafayette. upper 60s to 70s, 71 hayward and 76 san jose and antioch 71, not a lot of change as you get into the holiday weekend. i'll line up your numbers today and tomorrow and through president's day coming up. the state health department is finding ucc medical center after a patient was given a vaccine against doctor's orders. it isn't the only hospital facing fines. they'll be collecting several hundred,000 dollars from ten hospitals. they had the potential to cause
8:34 am
injuries or even death. all of those were defined as preventable errors. blue cross and blue shield is providing identity theft service for all its customers for free. there's no evidence that credit card numbers or medical information was stolen. this may have started back as early as december. one lawmaker has a proposal to require bicyclers wear reflective clothing and helmets. >> a helmet will not really protect you if you're hit by a car. it's a false sense of security. >> there's less issues. >> senator carol liu of glendale is the bill's author. >> i think this is necessary to
8:35 am
protect people who choose to ride a bike. >> statistics from the u.s. department of transportation show that out of 741 bicycle related deaths in 2013, 63% of cyclists were not wearing helmets and 17% were, and 20% of those crashes helmet use was unknown. apple is known for smartphones and ipods and can soon be known for electric cars. the design is in the works. it resembles a mini van. they've applied people to that vehicle. some have met with people in austria to find out about high end cars. stanford university host the cybersecurity summit, apple's tim cook said apple pay will be able to distribute
8:36 am
federal benefits such as social security and the changes come after last october when president obama signed an executive order calling for more secure payment technology. we want to go back live to san francisco international and you have air force one taxiing off to one of the runways as the president of the united states flies down south to palm springs for valentine's day weekend. >> it's his 20th visit to the bay area since he became commander of chief. he stopped at several local restaurants and there was cybersecurity summit where he wanted to pair up businesses with the government to try to make our cyberspace more secure. there goes air force one, so, we wish him safe travels. it's opening weekend for "50 shades of grey" and one of the most anticipated movies of the year. it's also facing a little criticism. >> it's a controversial movie.
8:37 am
our reporter got people's thoughts on the film. >> reporter: these ladies are part of a bookclub who rented out an entire theatre to see "50 shades of grey." >> it's a movie and entertainment. it's a fictional book and fictional story, i don't take it to heart that she's being abused. i know that's how some people feel. for myself it's a fantasy, it's fun to look at it through someone else's eyes. >> the movie and story line behind the erotic novel has evoked controversy. >> the male character was more of a sympathetic character than i thought he would. towards the end he seems to be someone who has issues and is self aware to know he does have issues. >> i have a fascination with his techniques that he uses,
8:38 am
just the way how he can be a dominant and assertive type of gentleman, but not too dominant where he's disrespectful to women. >> she likes how "50 shades of grey" has inspired conversation about sexuality, but it doesn't believe the story line empowers women. >> it's filled with consent and equal reels ships and mutual satisfaction and "50 shades of grey" is not to my reading, it's not about that at all. it's really about her relenting to sort of his desires. >> all right. well, may be your valentine's day plans involve heading to the movies or maybe you're going out to a fap sy restaurant. >> you don't always have to leave your home to have a romantic evening. >> ali is live where she spoke to one expert how to add a personal touch and celebrate in
8:39 am
the privacy of your own home. >> reporter: when you consider valentine's day can get expensive and there's always the question of the difficulty of trying to get a reservation at a restaurant in valentine's day especially had it falls on a saturday or a weekend, what's the next best thing, bring the romantic atmosphere to your home. that's what jennifer is going to show us how to do. you have this beautiful table you made up. the average person doesn't have all this stuff to make your dining room table look look like this. what are ways that people can add a personal touch for valentine's day at home. >> you're right. what we decided to do was put a personal touch for each person and it's something like a love note, you know, and place it on here, and you can hide it up in the table so they can be surprised or something like this. get nice jewelry box, very low and inexpensive and full it up
8:40 am
with favorite treats, his or her favorite treats. >> find things in your home and put it together and add the extra detail to make your dining room table look different than it normally does. >> right, something intimate and special to that particular person. >> all right. well, we are out here on the sidewalk next to the flower mart. other things you're going to tell us about, you have roses or strawberries and flowers to the table. >> it's nice to contact a local florist to get an inexpensive bouquet and add fruit to your drink, add the color that's in your color schemes. >> find things that you have, pay attention to detail and add personal touches like hide a love note or a fifth and some are on the table setting, what are things that people, maybe the guys are out there making the dinner tonight, what's your one tip for them to make it special. >> is to know your significant
8:41 am
other. >> really bring to the table what's special to them. that's the most important thing. the height of valentine's day gets everybody under pressure, but it's all about love. it doesn't cost anything. >> well, just take notes there, mike and claudine in case you have anything planned later today. >> it's all about love, it's not always about the flowers and others. >> knowing your significant other and paying attention to detail, take some notes and make sure you pay attention to details when you set the table for them. >> more on what you should pair with your champagne today and it may surprise you. >> if you have a special message with your valentine share it with hashtag 2myvalentine, we've been sharing them all morning on mornings on 2.
8:42 am
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8:45 am
. and this song is dedicated to all those out there that maybe don't have a valentine this holiday. >> i don't like this holiday, right? >> would you be my valentine? we're sending you love this morning. look at that. it looks like a good time. and the water is just so incredibly calm -- it's a quiet start to the day, plenty of sunshine, temperatures are already rebounding, let's look at tahoe though because perhaps you have a three-day weekend and you're thinking of heading up. sunny skies mild temperatures, you're going to need the sun block as you get into the afternoon, even starting out with mostly sunny skies this morning. they'll start in the mid-30s and we'll be in the 60s later on today. temperatures fall off some, mostly sunny, 52 degrees on monday, that will be the coolest day of the three-day weekend, let's talk about our week, our warm pattern will remain in place for the next
8:46 am
few days. temperatures will fall off some, we'll be well above average. it just doesn't feel like february. thinking you're associated with the ridge of high pressure really warming us up. in some areas already in the 50s and 60s, i'll show you that here in just a moment. a few high clouds in store today. we had a weak wave move thee through here in california. the ridge of high pressure is moving through. upper 60s and 70s in the forecast for the afternoon. the current numbers are in the low 40s to 50s, now, we're transitioning from upper 40s to lower 50s. it's still a cool one. we have mostly sunny skies in oakland, 51 degrees and i was outdoors a little earlier and it already feels nice. 53 for walnut creek, and 41 in mountain view and the peninsula, as we shift along the peninsula, we have 50 degrees in wood side and palo
8:47 am
alto and los altos hills, we have a ridge of high pressure and the sinking air associated with t los gatos 65 degrees never really cooling off. some of our hills are warm again because of the pattern in place. we know cooler air and dense air sinks along the valley air. we have that around walnut creek and san ramon. 74 for sonoma. 72 for sausalito. east bay numbers, 72 san leandro, 75 for pleasanton, 71 for pittsburg, it's going to be a nice day, san jose 76, 78 for gilroy, santa cruz nearly 80 degrees for the afternoon today, 75 redwood city, and half moon bay, 70 degrees, love that stretch where you have the outdoor restaurants, that would be a great place to spend your
8:48 am
holiday or your valentine's day, the extended forecast, a little change in store. temperatures fall off, u.s. a subtle drop of numbers when we get into the business week and sadly no rain in the forecast. >> we talk about the hikes and different things, we can't, we have to do a rain dance. if we can't do that, i didn't have plans today, but this makes me want to plan one. >> right, people get upset, where's that rain. i can't control that. >> we're going to blame you. >> as you both know today's is valentine's day and yesterday i was given a crash course in addition to the celebration for some and that's the champagne. you might be interested to see that they said the type of foods that go best with that beverage. >> romance is in the air but you have the champagne, the box, the champagne expert, he
8:49 am
is cooling into the studio to do this. you enjoy tasting champagne and on valentine's day. >> sometimes. >> i'll open this one. >> it's rose. >> a couple of things with this, we brought a cross- section, this is popular. generally speaking rose champagne is sweet and it's not. this one, all these are very dry champagnes. because we have a dessert here i wanted to bring something sweeter. so, this has a little more sugar which makes it better for spicy food and as well as dessert. if you're going to go with the chocolate or strawberry route, go with the champagne. if you ask them what one of their favorite wines would be for food it would be champagne. to a simple reason, not to interrupt, my wife and i were
8:50 am
going to drink the bottle, maybe have crackers and cheese, maybe not. you did bring in food. >> i didn't, but the nice people if pekan, a neighbor of yours, they do high and inspired by food. this one in particular, i insisted upon fried chicken and it's one of the favorite in the entire world. >> i'm shocked, a weakness of mine. >> it's so heavy, though, why is it a good paring. >> champagne simple paring, rose even more. champagne loves salt and fat, with the bubbles in the champagne it goes really phenomenal. >> chocolate is not the best to have with champagne although i'm a strawberry where you dip the chocolate in, it's okay but not -- >> whatever makes you happy and works, and it floats your boat, fantastic it goes with t from a
8:51 am
food paring stand upon the if you want to have a sweeter chocolate you want a champagne with more sugar in it so it stands up better. >> it does pop up. >> this is the chocolate moose that we it's an tased with the champagne yesterday. >> it was -- we tasted with the champagne yesterday. this is a vegan option for desert. the secret ingredient. >> we already know. the secret ingredient for this particular moose is avocados made with dates, cocoa powder. >> she's a marvel in the kitchen. we should also tell you before i put food in my mouth, it's the recipe, it's under our website under, under the food and wine section of our home page. >> it will also be posted on our facebook page as well. what town. >> it looks good. >> it's very tasty. >> as you know, mike, i found this in the kitchen yesterday.
8:52 am
i didn't realize i would get it twice, that's really good. >> you'll have to get in your mind what else you're putting in there. it's nice -- >> there's a subtle avocado flavor. if you enjoy avocados you would like this. >> and if you enjoy champagne you can do the sweeter type, a little rose to go with your chocolate. >> yes, that's awesome. >> we'll have to have that in the kitchen. you didn't save us some rose. >> no, sorry about that. >> a dog in iowa ran away from home to go to the hospital. up next how far she traveled and who she wanted to go see. >> and if you have a special message for your valentine, share it with us. hashtag 2myvalentine. here's a message from christina. we have a couple declarations of love popping up for you. i would like to share them with you on this valentine's day.
8:53 am
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8:55 am
. we want to update you on the breaking news in the south bay. a fire in san jose has now grown to five alarms. this is video from a roof camera top, our south bay bureau. you can see heavy smoke coming there from the scene headed up to the san jose sky. this fire was reported at 7:00
8:56 am
this morning. a dispatcher does not know if there are any injuries. the fire is not too far from the san jose flea market there. in the past president's weekends, it's been popular to head up to tahoe. but, they are worried that the crowds will not show this year. they have snow there, they've been making it. less people are coming in to sports shops. they're encouraging to take advantage of the slopes while there is time. a dog in iowa, let's talk about this iowa. because this has become the talk of the town to be with her owner at a local hospital 20 city blocks away. >> they do everything together. but, last week she decided to do something on her own when the pair was let out to go to
8:57 am
the bathroom she went to the mercy medical center where her owner was being treated for cancer surgery and complications. >> we know they're heightened sense of smell and the connection to the owner is something that can safely return them to their home hundreds of miles away. >> that's amazing. the dog's mom is expected to go home sometime next week. if winning the lottery wasn't enough, what if you didn't have to pay taxes on the money actually won. that may be the scenario for the holder in puerto rico. >> residence of the us -- residents of the us territory don't pay federal income taxes. it's not clear at this point how that tax law is going to work. a ticket sold in san juan was one of three winners in wednesday's half a billion dollar drawing. the other two winners are in texas and north carolina.
8:58 am
>> advantages of living there. >> well, your wings got bigger. >> ross rose, we're all winners because we have beautiful weather for valentine's day and president's day weekend, it's beautiful. it feels like may rather than february. we would love to see rain not in the extended forecast unfortunately so i say we enjoy the mostly sunny skies and 74. >> that's our newscast for this morning, we hope you get out this and enjoy this warm weather. >> have a happy valentine's day, thanks for joining us.
8:59 am
9:00 am
captions paid for by the fox broadcasting company xavier and st. john's will express their desire to be a part of the ncaa tournament. >> beauty. >> our next game is our biggest game of the year. can't look at the future. can't look at the past. you've always got to live today. >> i thought we could be a high seed last year in the ncaa tournament. i think we can be a really special team. >> with just over a month left before selection sunday, teams across the country will look to position themselves for a top seed.


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